One of the key characteristics that differentiates high performing individuals from average performers is their adaptability. Being flexible, dealing with ambiguity and being resilient when faced with adversity will allow you to think of new strategies or tactics to get the outcomes you need.


Meta-LUCID exists and functions on the premise that we need to articulate and agree with you on how the results of our activities will be measured. How the organisation will support the application of new methods and behaviours and are purposefully sustained. Learning comes from the ability to apply, measure, reapply and continually improve.


Our interventions are built on minimum specifications where the individual or group is encouraged to work out their own solution to critical performance challenges and thus see a change in their own values and beliefs – as opposed to a command and control approach or dictum.


A dynamic design of knowledge transfer, where individuals are encouraged to create their own learning journeys and apply the concepts of self-managed learning and action oriented principles. To stretch individuals beyond their perceived limitations comes from an iterative approach and feedback.


Aspiration is the human desire for advancement. We apply this emotional commitment to our work with you, our ambitions for you and for ourselves. At Meta-LUCID we practice exploration and experimentation as the pathway to advancement.


To achieve exceptional performance you need to attract, recruit and deploy capable and driven people. People need to have the environment to be able to achieve beyond the expected, and leadership has a critical role to support this. From discretionary efforts comes the extraordinary. Meta-LUCID provides the skills, tools and support for people to achieve extraordinary outcomes.


We operate with high levels of adaptability rather than high levels of control

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Our work is based on the dynamic combination of knowledge, process and skills with Growth Mindset as the accelerator which ensures lasting behaviour change

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We combine the latest innovation tools and models, teaching people how to be ever adaptable in a complex world to achieve powerful breakthrough outcomes

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Our tools, our IP and our experience is freely shared to ensure clients become inspirationally independent of us

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